Recombinant Antigens

Recombinant antigens are those that are manufactured artificially from a laboratory rather than from their biological sources. Just like natural antigens, they are capable of causing the immune system to spring into action to keep the body out of harm's way.

 Not all recombinant antigens in the market are the same. The ones from us, ImmunoDX, come with superb quality and are highly similar to their natural counterparts.

 To produce recombinant antigens that are ideal for a wide variety of research and diagnostic purposes, we use some of the most innovative and reliable processes for protein engineering. Because everything takes place in our facility, we guarantee high-level standards of recombinant antigen purity, specificity, and biological activity.

 Our recombinant antigens come very close to natural antigens as they behave in the same way. However, their production is impervious to constraining factors like high demand and steep rates. ImmunoDX can come up with large amounts of top-notch recombinant antigens at a fraction of the cost.

 Recombinant antigens from ImmunoDX are perfect for an assortment of applications, including immunization programs for generating antibodies for commercial use.

 For years now, ImmunoDX has been specializing in the production of specialty biologicals for research and diagnostics related to arthritis, cancer, TB, AIDS, and others. We also offer many other related products and services.

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62 results