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Service offered: Expression of proteins and antibody H/L DNA sequences in HEK293/SupT1 cells for development of pharmaceuticals targets, and diagnostics applications.


Why experts suggest ImmunoDX LLC for this service?

ImuunoDX pioneered gene cloning and expression of HIV/SIV and other human viral genes - Structural, non-structural proteins in the Baculo virus Expression System in late 1980's.

ImmunoDX has developed a proprietary gene cloning system for the stable expression of genes - cytosolic/secretory proteins (in human HEK293/SupT1 cells). The cloning system incorporates expression of a reporter gene protein. The reporter gene product is determined within 3 days post transfection selection by a one step, later flow diagnostic test (product # R103).

HEK293/SupT1 protein production: Baculo virus derived proteins appear to be structurally and functionally similar to native viral proteins but fundamental difference is in the glycosylation impart physical and structural differences that may significantly influence their functional & immunological properties.

HEK Scale up & protein production

ImmunoDX provides services for HEK293/SupT1 production of recombinantly derived proteins. Please inquire for product quantity and price.


Murine Hybridoma Development

ImmunoDX LLC will develop minimally two individual murine hybridomas producing high affinity monoclonal antibodies specific for protein of your interest; Protein and peptide monoclonal antibodies. Price varies so please call for a quotation. Approximate 12 weeks to 16 weeks.


Baculo Scale up

ImmunoDX will optimize the scale-up production of your recombinant protein expression construct and provide conditioned medium/cells (10 liters minimum).

10 liters: $395/liter

20 liters: $325/liter

100+ liters: $225/liter



Human active M. tuberculosis RD1-RD3 antigen diagnostic test (approximately 98% specific & sensitive for active human TB diagnostics) - call for more information [781-938-6300].