Recombinant Dengue Antigen D2 Envelope Protein (Euk)

SKU: 30170
Size: 1 mg

Product Specifications:

Item# 30170: Recombinant Dengue Antigen D2 Envelope Protein (Baculo) 

Concentration: See vial

Mass/vial : See vial 

Diluent : 50mM Tris, pH8, 10mM NaCl SDS Trace

Purity : >95%

Stabilizer : None

Preservative: None

Storage: -750C

Physical State:Frozen Liquid

Stability: 2years at -750C.

Applications:  Elisa/Western Elisa, Diagnostics

Description: Synthetic Dengue virus D2 Envelope DNA sequence, amino acid residues 1-428, expressed in the Baculo Expression System.

Purification: This protein is purified by aqueous solvent extraction and preparative electrophoresis to >95% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE, reduced. 

Molecular Weight: approx. 49kD.

Specificity: This protein shows strong reactivity with Dengue virus converted human antibodies as determined by Elisa, Western Blots assays.  Useful for Dengue serum IgG/IgM detection.

Application and Instructions for use

Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values. Elisa is performed in 1-2ug/ml protein range for tittering Dengue virus converted human polyclonal antibodies. Concentrations if 1-2mg/ml (1-2ul/cm) are recommended for Lateral Flow Diagnostics.