Recombinant proteins

Recombinant proteins are a manipulated form of protein - encoded by recombinant DNA - that is cloned into an expression vector to support the expression of the exogenous gene. The recombinant protein can then be used to produce large amounts of proteins, modify gene sequences, and manufacture commercial products.

 The process of expressing recombinant proteins involves transfecting a specific cell with a DNA vector that has the recombinant DNA template. The cells containing the template are then cultured in order to transcribe and translate the protein of interest.

 There are a variety of recombinant proteins available in the market today but not all have the same effect. ImmunoDX provides multiple sources of high-quality recombinant proteins to meet your specific requirements, and they come with various benefits like being used

  • In the production of life-saving vaccines like the Hepatitis B vaccine,
  • To produce pharmaceutically essential hormones like Human Growth Hormones, Insulin and Erythropoietin,
  • In the production of blood clotting coagulation factors, and
  • For research purposes

 ImmunoDX develops, manufactures, and markets a wide array of specialty biologicals. All the products are manufactured at our own facility and we guarantee our products meet high standards of quality in terms of purity, specificity, and biological activity.

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98 results