Biotin rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk)

SKU: 1004-B
Size: 50 ug

Product Specifications:

Item# 1004-B: Biotin rgp160 HIV-1 IIIB 


Mass/Vial: 50µg 


Vol./Vial: 50µl + 


Diluent: PBS


Stabilizer: 1% BSA 


Preservative: Thimersol 


Storage: 4°C


Stability: 6 Months


Minimum Dilution: 1 : 5 000


Application: T-Cell Research, Diagnostics, Drug Screening, ELISA, Western ELISA.


Description: Biotin conjugated to gp160.


Coupling Ratio: Approximately 10-20 moles of biotin per mole gp160.


Specificity: Biotin gp160 binds strepavidin-AP/HRP in ELISA and Western ELISA.


Biological Activity: Biotin gp160 binds to solid phase CD4 as determined by capture ELISA using strepavidin-HRP as a secondary reagent.


Application and Instructions for use: 


Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values. A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications.

1. ELISA may be performed in 1 : 1000 dilution range depending on the concentration of the test ligand and specificity and sensitivity of the secondary reagents. gp160/CD4 capture ELISA may be performed in 100ng CD4 in solid phase and 1-10ng of biotin-gp160.