Gene cloning system

Launch of HEK293 product line!

ImmunoDX now offers a new range of HEK293 cell derived recombinant HIV-1 M, T, M/T tropic virus structural proteins p24, gp120 and gp160, and accessory non-structural proteins, tat, nef, protease, for research, diagnostics and therapeutics development!


Recombinant proteins expressed in various eukaryotic expression systems shows significant protein structural variabilities as determined with HIV-1 gp20 IIIB gene expression in human HEK293, CHO and Baculovirus expression systems.

Therefore, HEK293 cell-derived human recombinant viral and vector-borne disease gene products may provide native-like protein structural and non-structural properties that may significantly enhance their effectiveness as targets for therapeutics development and immune-response modulation.

ImmunoDX has developed a double-cassette gene cloning system in human HEK293 cells that allows the determination of stable gene expression of any cloned genes in 3 days post  transfection and expression-selection in a 5 minute test- lateral flow diagnostics. Most HEK293 derived HIV-1 envelope M, T, M/T tropic virus envelope gene products may be ordered on our web site. 

Jawahar Raina
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