Tejocotex Raiz de Tejocote Root Supplement Weight Loss Supplement Mexico Tejocote - 30 Day Supply

ImmunoDXSKU: NLI-30

Tejocote Root Supplement - Highest Quality and Great Results for 30 Days of Use. Tejocotex is the Same 100% Pure Tejocote Root Microdoses as the leading brand in a Convenient 30 Day Supply. Help with Weight Control, Cleansing, Detox and to Aid in Fat Digestion. Easy to use, just take 1 piece with Breakfast every day and remember to drink plenty of water and potassium rich food. You can also use KPlentish Moringa together for best results. La Raiz de Tejocote Pura y Autentica en un conveniente envase para 30 Dias. Misma Calidad, Mismos Resultados Apoyo para Perdida de Peso, Quema Grasa y Detox. Con solo 1 microdosis al dia y mucha agua y comida rica en potasio puedes perder peso y tallas. 100% Natural y muy efectivo.

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