rSurface Antigen HBV Ay (E.coli)

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Product Specifications: 

Item#40001:  Recombinant HBV Surface Antigen Ay (E.coli)

Concentration: See vial 

Diluent: 10mMNa-PO4, 50mM NaCl, pH 6.8 10% Glycerol

Purity: Approx. 92%

Stabilizer: None

Preservative: None

Storage: -75°C

Physical State: Aqueous Solution

Stability: 24  Months at -75oC.

Applications: Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values.  A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications.

ELISA and Western ELISA require 0.1-1.0µg protein depending on the nature and affinity of the secondary  detection reagent.  Studies with HBV convereted human sera are performed in 1:200 to 1:10,000 antibody dilution range.

Description: Recombinant HBV surface protein Ay expressed in the E.coli Expression system.

Purification: Proprietary. Purity  approx. 92% as determined by SDS_PAGE, reduced. MW: 22kD

Specificity: Strongly binds to HBV converted human serum antibodies as determined by  ELISA and Western ELISA. Protein is suitable for lateral flow diagnostic assays.

CHO- expressed HIV-1IIIB rgp120 (2.5 μg) and biotinylated cyclic V2-TH023 peptide (1 μg and 5 μg) were incubated with RPMI8866 cells