Recombinant Human NF-kB Protein (E.coli)

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PRODUCT# 7009 :  Recombinant Human NF-kB Protein (E.coli)

SPECIFICATIONS                                                          APPLICATIONS

   Concentration: See vial                                            Elisa/Western Blot

   Mass/vial: 100 ug                                                      Immunization                        

   Diluent 50mM Tris, pH8.5 <0.1% Sarcosyl

   Purity >95%     

   Stabilizer None     

   Preservative: None

   Storage: -75oC

   Physical State: Frozen Liquid

   Stability: 6 Months at -75C

DESCRIPTION:   Full Length human NF-kB protein  produced in the E.coli Expression System Approximate mol.wt: 114kD.

PURIFICATION: This protein was purified by preparative SDS-PAGE to >95% purity as   determined by SDS-PAGE, reduced.

SPECIFICITY:     This protein binds to Murine anti-TRIM5 alpha monoclonal antibodies as determined by Elisa, Western Elisa and immunofluorescent  staimimg.

BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY:  HIV-1 core protein binding assay pending.

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