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PRODUCT# 7013 :  Recombinant Human APOBEC3B (Baculo)

SPECIFICATIONS                                                        APPLICATIONS

   Concentration: See vial                                          Vif binding assays

   Mass/vial: 100ug                                                   RNA binding assays

   Diluent PBS, 0.1% Sarcosyl

   Purity >95%     

   Stabilizer None     

   Preservative: None

   Storage: -75oC

   Physical State: Frozen Liquid

   Stability: 12 Months at -85C

DESCRIPTION:     Produced in the Baculovirus Expression System as a hexa-His fusion protein.  

PURIFICATION: This protein is purified by Ni-affinity and  preparative electrophoresis to >95% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE, reduced.  Approx MW: 46kD.

SPECIFICITY:     This protein binds to anti-CEM15 murine monoclonal antibodies  and rabbit polyclonal antibodies as determined by Elisa and Western Elisa.

BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY:  Binds to recombinant vif as determined by 3B-vif elisa assays using murine                      .   anti-vif mAb HRP as a secondary reagent.

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