NS4 Non-Structural Protein

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Size: 100 ug


Product # 4005:  Recombinant HCV 19kD NS4 Protein



SPECIFICATIONS                                                                APPLICATIONS

  Concentration:             see vial                                                   In-Vitro HCV Diagnostics

  Mass/vial:                   see vial                                                    Western Analysis

  Volume/vial:                see vial                                                 

  Diluent:                      20mM Tris, pH8.0,10mM Beta ME                                                                                                                       4M Urea                       

  Purity :                       >95%                                                     

  Stabilizer:                   None                                                      

  Preservative:                None                                                    

  Storage:                      -75o C

  Stability:                     At least 24 months at -75o C


DESCRIPTION:    NS4 fragment  - 130 aminoacids of HCV polyprotein expressed in the E. coli                                                                                                          expression system. MW: approx. 20kD



PURIFICATION: HCV NS4 protein is purified by affinity                                                                                                                                                               chromatography to >95% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE, reduced.


SPECIFICITY:      This protein binds to murine monoclonal antibodies specific for HCV NS4 protein.                                                                           NS4 protein shows strong binding to HCV converted human serum polyclonal antibodies.


BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY:   Not determined.





Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values. Dilute the antigen preparation at least 10  to 20-fold in PBS for solid phase antigen-antibody titration assays.  A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications.


                  HCV core protein shows relatively strong biding specificity for HCV-specific human antibodies. ELISA and Western ELISA require protein in 10ng range depending on the nature and affinity of the secondary detection reagent. HCV converted human serum polyclonal antibodies yield titers of 1:10, 000 or greater at 100ng of immobilized protein under standard ELISA conditions.