Gold rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk)

SKU: 1003-G
Size: 1 ml


RODUCT#1003-G: gag p24 HIV-1 IIIB Conjugated to Colloidal Gold

SPECIFICATIONS                                              APPLICATIONS

  Concentration: See vial                                      Dot Blot Assay-Anti-p24 Antibody

  Volume/vial: 1ml Gold Conjugate                         Binding  

  Diluent: 10mM Tris, pH 8; 5% BSA; 0.05 PEG;      Immunohistochemistr    

  Storage:  4oC

  Stability: At least 3 months at 4oC

  Minimum Dilution: 1 : 50

DESCRIPTION: p24 HIV-1 IIIB conjugated to Colloidal Gold (25nm mean particle size).

COUPLING RATIO: OD 520nm = 10; protein content approximately 25µg.

SPECIFICITY: Gold conjugated p24 binds to murine monoclonal antibodies of defined               epitope specificity, rabbit and human polyclonal antibodies as determined by dot               blot assays.


ACTIVITY: Not determined.


Recommended dilutions for use are approximate values.  A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications.

Dot blot assays may be performed in 1 : 100 dilution range depending on the concentration of solid phase CD4/Anti-p24 in the test system.

Immunohistochemical studies may be performed in 1 : 50 dilution range.