Fluorescene rp24 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk)

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Product Specifications:

Item # 1003-F: FITC Recombinant p24 (Baculovirus) HIV-1


Mass/vial: At least 50µg 


Vol/vial: 100ul                    


Diluent: 10mM Tris, pH 8.0                                  


Stabilizer: None                                                       


Preservative: None                                                       


Storage: -75°C                                                                             


Stability: At least 12 Months at 4°C


Applications: T-Cell Research, Diagnostics


Description: Recombinant p24 HIV-1 covalently coupled to FITC of 0.7nm diameter.


Couping Ratio: Approximately 2-4 FITC molecules  per mole of p24. 


Specificity: FITC-p24 binds to Murine mAbs of defined epitope specificity and Human  pAbs as determined by dot blot assays.


Biological Activity: ND


Application and Instruction for use:

Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values.  A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications.

1. Dot blot assays may be performed in 1 : 50 dilution range depending on the concentration and affinities of the solid phase  antibodies used. Cell staining assays may require standardization: recommended dilution range, 1-500.

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