Fluorescene rnef HIV-1 IIIB (E.coli)

SKU: 1008-F
Size: 50 Tests

Product Specifications:

Item # 1008-F: Fluorescene Recombinant HIV-1 nef


Mass/vial: At least 50µg nef 


Diluent: 10mM Tris, pH 8.0                                  


Stabilizer: None                                                       


Preservative: None                                                       


Storage: -75°C                                                                             


F/P Ratio: 2 - 4


Stability: At least 6 months at -75°C


Minimum Dilution:   1 : 50


Applications: Dot Blots, FACS, Immunohistocytology, Immunoflorecence


Description: E.coli derived nef (HIV-1 IIIB) conjugated to FITC.


Purification: Fluorescene conjugated nef was purified by gel exclusion chromatography and UF concentrated.


Specificity: This fluorescene conjugated nef binds to murine monoclonal antibodies of defined epitope specificity.


Biological Activity: ND


Application and Instruction for use:

Recommended dilutions for use are approximate values. A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications. Direct Immunofluorescent staining may be performed in 1 : 50 dilution range. Dot Blot assays with purified anti-nef monoclonal/ human polyclonal antibodies may be performed at a minimum dilution of 1 : 1000