Fluorescene Rabbit pAb tat HIV-1

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Product Specifications:

Item # 1302-F: Fluorescene Rabbit Anti-tat HIV-1 IIIB pAb IgG

Mass/vial: Approx. 50ug IgG

 Vol/vial: 100ul

 Diluent: PBS                             

 Stabilizer: None                                                       

 Preservative: None                                                       

 Storage: -75°C                                                                             

 F/P Ratio: 2 - 4

 Physical State: Frozen Liquid

 Stability: At least 6 months at -75°C

 Minimum Dilution: 1 : 50

 Applications: Immunohistocytology, Immunostaining/sorting, Dot Blots, FACS.

 Description: Fluorescene conjugated anti-tat (HIV-1 IIIB) pAb IgG.

 Purification: Highly purified mAb IgG (>95% pure) was used for FITC conjugation and the conjugate purified by gel exclusion chromatography.

 Specificity: This fluorescene conjugated pAb IgG binds to native and recombinant HIV-1 tat in Dot Blot assays and stains cells in direct immunofluorescence assays.

 Biological Activity: None

 Application and Instruction for use:

Recommended dilutions for use are approximate values. A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications. Direct Immunofluorescent staining of cells may be performed in 1 : 50 dilution range. Dot Blot assays with purified gp120 may be performed at a minimum dilution of 1 : 100.

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