Recombinant HIV-1 IIIB Oligomeric Glycoprotein gp120 (Baculovirus)

SKU: 1061

Product Specifications: 

Item# 1061: Recombinant HIV-1 IIIB Oligomeric Glycoprotein gp120 (Baculovirus)

Concentration: See vial 

 Mass/vial: 100µg 

 Diluent: PBS

 Purity: >98%

 Stabilizer: None

 Preservative: None

 Storage: -75°C

 Physical State: Frozen

 Liquid Stability: At least 6 months at -75°C.

 Applications: Diagnostics, CD4 Binding, T-Cell Activation, Drug Screening, Immunization, Vaccines.

 Description: Full length HIV-1 IIIB envelope gp120 cloned genes expressing oligomeric glycoprotein produced in the Baculovirus Expression System.

 Purification: This protein is purified by immunoaffinity chromatography to >98% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE, non-reduced and reduced.

 Specificity: This protein binds to murine monoclonal antibodies of defined epitope specificity and HIV-1 converted human serum polyclonal antibodies in ELISA and Western Elisa.

 Biological Activity: This protein binds to human T-cell receptor CD4 in ELISA and Western ELISA as determined by CD4/gp120/Anti-gp120 mAb-peroxidase capture ELISA. This protein activates human T-Lymphocytes (CD4+, CD4-), in vitro, as measured by RNA synthesis during G0 to G1 transition phase of antigen-binding competent cells.

 Application and Instructions for use

Recommended concentrations for use are approximate values. A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications. ELISA and Western ELISA require 10-100ng protein depending on the nature and affinity of the detection reagent. Human serum polyclonal antibodies yield titers of 1:1000 or greater at 100ng of solid phase protein under standard ELISA conditions.