Rabbit Anti-Human APOBEC3G (CEM15) Polyclonal Antibody (IgG)

SKU: 7305
Size: 100 ug

Product Specifications:

Item#7305: Rabbit Anti-Human APOBEC3G (CEM15) Polyclonal Antibody (IgG) 

Concentration: See vial

Mass/vial: 100µg 

Purity: >95% 

Stabilizer: None

Preservative: None

Storage: -70°C

Physical State: Frozen Liquid

Stability: At least 12 months at -70°C

Application: Elisa/Western Elisa, Neutralization, Immunoprecipitation.

Description: High affinity Rabbit Anti-Human APOBEC3G (CEM15) pAb.

Specificity: Binds to native and recombinant human CEM15 in ELISA and Western ELISA.

Biological Activity: CEM15 biological activity neutralization assays pending.

Application and Instructions for use:

Recommended dilutions for use are approximate values. A dose dependent response assay should be performed to determine the optimal concentration for use in specific applications. ELISA may be performed at 10-100ng/ml of pAb depending on the amount of immobilized antigen in the assays. Western ELISA requires 2-5µg/ml pAb