Walden Farms Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer, 12 oz. Bottle

Walden FarmsSKU: NLI-KH27


About this item

  • Delicious, Organic Coffee Creamer – This great-tasting liquid coffee creamer is packed with sweet cream flavor and fortified with natural, organic ingredients to provide a taste you love completely guilt free.
  • Natural, Dairy Free Alternative – A smart option for those with lactose intolerances this flavored coffee creamer is dairy free and gluten free to better support your health and wellness goals, but without sacrificing your love of coffee.
  • Low in Carbs, Sugar, and Fat – Enjoy a warm cup of coffee without worrying about all the added sugars, carbs, or calories. Our coffee creamer sweet cream flavor offers better support for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and keto lifestyles.
  • Smooth-Mixing for Light Foam – Along with blending into light, medium, or dark roast coffee seamlessly this non-dairy coffee creamer can also be frothed to create a tasty foam at the top of your coffee for a touch you won’t want to miss.

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