Sun Chlorella 500mg Whole Body Wellness Green Algae Superfood Supplement - Immune Defense, Gut Health, Natural Purification, Energy Boost - Chlorophyll, B12, Iron, Protein - Non-GMO - 120 Tablets

Sun ChlorellaSKU: NLI-TH71

  • GOODS YOU NEED ON THE GO - Don't skip on nutrition, our supergreen tablet packs a punch with a chlorophyll serving equivalent to 2-2.5 cups of spinach or kale, antioxidants, minerals, plus a super absorbable plant-based B12.
  • CLEANSE & ENERGIZE - Get a burst of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) to support your cell's repair and rejuvenation process, with nucleic acids to support metabolism, energy and recovery from a pure Pyrenoidosa freshwater algae formula.
  • GET THE MOST FROM YOUR DOSE - We pulverize chlorella’s tough outer wall without the use of heat or chemicals to preserve the nutrients giving your body instant access to absorb and digest its amazing nutrition.

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