Spike Original All-Purpose Seasoning, All Natural, Low Sodium, No Sugar, No MSG, 3oz (Pack of 6)

SpikeSKU: NLI-TH226

  • HERBS, SPICES & VEGETABLES: Enjoy a zesty and balanced blend of real ingredients with just the right amount of salt, without using fillers or preservatives, mindfully developed to be healthy while bringing the flavor of foods to life.
  • BALANCED FLAVOR PROFILE: Notes of sweet, savory, and zesty flavors combine to create the perfect seasoning for your dish. Ingredients include orange and lemon peel, sweet bell peppers, onion powder, oregano, and more, blended with a reduced amount of salt.
  • SPRINKLE IT ON: Spike Original Magic Seasoning is versatile and can be used as a perfect poultry seasoning or popcorn seasoning. Shake it on foods like fish or vegetables prior to cooking or season salads and side dishes just before serving.
  • SPOON IT IN: Enhance soups, stews, and sauces by spooning in Original Magic seasoning. Perfect for bringing the taste of your favorite foods and recipes cooked in a slow cooker, crockpot, Instant Pot, or even an Air Fryer to the next level.
  • GOURMET TASTE EXPERTLY DEVELOPED: Internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist, Gayelord Hauser, developed All Purpose Gourmet Magic seasoning to combine meeting nutritional needs, natural ingredients, all with crave-able, great taste.

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