Kirk's Odor-Neutralizing Unscented Hand Wash | 12 Fl Oz. Bottle

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About this item

  • ODOR-NEUTRALIZING HAND SOAP Kirk’s odor-neutralizing hand wash uses a unique, natural vegetable fermentation technology (similar to some natural deodorants) to completely eliminate kitchen prep smells like fish, onion and garlic. Very effective on every day pungent odors, dirt, and grime. Convenient 12 oz pump bottle is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom areas.
  • NATURAL CASTILE LIQUID SOAP Kirk’s castile soap is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance, EDTA, Colorants, Gluten and more. Equally effective in soft and hard waters, such as well water. Kirk’s is great for the whole family!
  • UNSCENTED HAND SOAP Kirk’s Natural Hand Wash neutralizes and eliminates all odors without leaving behind any scent or fragrance. Premium Coconut Oil creates a creamy lather and soothing Aloe Vera ensures that your hands are left feeling soft, hydrated, healthy and free of bad odors.

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