Flora - Udo's Choice Children's Probiotic Blend, Formulated for Ages 5-15 (60 Capsules)

FloraSKU: NLI-Flora02


About this item

  • REGAIN AND RETAIN GUT HEALTH: Flora Children’s Care Probiotic bolsters natural microflora to help you take back your gut health and then keep control of it
  • CATERED FOR AGES 5-15: 7 Child-Friendly Strains with 5 billion CFU. (3 billion at expiration) Formulated to help children maintain proper digestion including improving lactose intolerance and strengthen the immune system
  • HAPPY GUT HAPPY LIFE: Gut health is about more than just digestion and regular bowel movements, although those are important too. Poor gut health can also lead to a weaker immune system and other health issues. Good health starts with your gut!
  • DESIGNED TO DELIVER: Unlike some others, Flora Probiotics use species found in humans – not animals – and are hardy enough without an enteric coating to survive stomach acid to get where they need to
  • Gluten-Free + Vegetarian + Science-Based + RAW

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