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It is believed that adaptogens, like those found in this product, can decrease your body's sensitivity to stressors. The synergy of the adaptogenic herbs formulated for Adaptogen R3 may help you achieve a healthy weight, get back the energy you need, and promote overall wellness.

Nature provides us with all that we need when it comes to the essential things in life. This definitely applies to food as well. All natural food contains valuable nutrients known as adaptogens. They play an important role in helping the body stay balanced‚ as well as performing other functions. Unfortunately‚ today’s busy lifestyles make it inconvenient for you to find and prepare the foods that contain these ingredients. This leaves an opening for a supplement to fill in the gaps.

What exactly is an adaptogen?
- A non-toxic and non-habit-forming nutrient that does not require a prescription
- It promotes the normalization of your body’s chemical equilibrium
- It heightens your body's capacity to deal with both physical and emotional stress‚ stress-related imbalances‚ and environmental pollution
- It functions in a synergistic way in order to increase your body's ability to prevent illness in its early stages, unlike modern drugs‚ which only attack specific disease symptoms after you’re already sick
- It doesn’t just work at the moment you take it: it works over a continuous period of time‚ and actually grows more active as your body gathers more of it

It has become widely accepted that a holistic approach is much more effective for preserving and maintaining health. Based on the thought that instead of solely focusing on the idea that the whole is simply as strong as the sum of its parts‚ the greatest benefit often comes from treating your body as a complete entity. This is what Premier Research Labs’ Adaptogen R3 does. It provides the positive effects of adaptogens in a vegetarian capsule.

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