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Product# 1081 HIV-1 gp120 (ADA)

Product# 1011 HIV-1 gp120 (subtype C)


The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) plays a major national and international role in assuring the quality of biological medicines through:

  • developing standards and reference materials
  • product control testing
  • carrying out applied research

We play a key role in providing scientific advice and expertise to a large number of organisations, including:

  • manufacturers of biological medicines
  • national regulatory authorities
  • the UK government and European bodies
  • the World Health Organisation
  • UN agencies

Contributions from NIBSC scientists, as members of key decision-making bodies at both European and international level, feed into the development of national and international policies that help to ensure the safety and efficacy of biological medicines.

We serve a broad range of customers and stakeholders in the UK and abroad and have a worldwide reputation for independence, integrity and scientific excellence.

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