Eau Kalin Alkaline Water Drops - 20mL

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Eau Kalin Alkaline Water Drops | Natural Alkaline Trace Minerals helps boost pH neutralize acidity with Eaukalin | Eau-Kalin de Alipotec Gotas Alcalinizante Parte de la Dieta completa Alipotec, 20mL

  • COMBINE WITH: Semilla de Brazil, Alipotec, Easy Forte, Nuez de la India and other weight control supplements.
  • ALL NATURAL - EASY TO USE: Just take 2 Pills a Day. Toma 2 Capsulas Diarias.
  • USALO JUNTO CON: Semilla de Brasil, Alipotec, Raiz de Tejocote, y otros suplementos de perdida de Peso.
  • OBTEN EL POTASIO QUE NECESITAS: Evita dolores musculares, mareo y mas con el potasio diario.
  • MOST POPULAR WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT IN MEXICO - Come find out why we are one of the most popular weight loss products in Mexico. Each of our bottles is made with only the best ingredients and is packaged in shipped from our quality controlled facility so that all our customers get only the best treatments.
  • AUTHENTICITY STICKER - Now, each Alipotec Bottle comes with an Authenticity sticker on the bottom, to ensure that you only get the authentic product and not a counterfeit
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL - All Alipotec products are free from harmful chemicals and fertilizers. They are sourced directly from the famous Tejocote Root in Mexico
  • 3 MONTH TREATMENT IN A BOTTLE - Each bottle of Alipotec comes with 90 micro-doses of root taken straight from the Mexican Tejocote Plant
  • TRY IT FOR 30 DAYS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We are so confident in the quality of our product, that you have a 30 day window to try the product out, and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it, no questions asked!

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