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IDXAbD125-10 Malaria LDH Murine mAbs (twin pair) 10mg $.00
IDXAbD125-100 Malaria LDH Murine mAbs (twin pair) 100mg $.00
IDXAbD125-50 Malaria LDH Murine mAbs (twin pair) 50mg $.00
IDXAbD130-10 Malaria HRPII Antibody Pair 10mg $.00
IDXAbD130-100 Malaria HRPII Antibody Pair 100mg $.00
IDXAbD130-50 Malaria HRPII Antibody Pair 50mg $.00
IDXAbD145-10 Dengue NS1 (1-4) Antibody pair 10mg $.00
IDXAbD145-100 Dengue NS1 (1-4) Antibody pair 100mg $.00
IDXAbD145-50 Dengue NS1 (1-4) Antibody pair 50mg $.00
IDXAbD161-10 Murine Anti-ChickG mAbs Pair 10mg $.00
IDXAbD161-100 Murine Anti-ChickG mAbs Pair 100mg $.00
IDXAbD161-50 Murine Anti-ChickG mAbs Pair 50mg $.00
IDXAbD195-10 Murine anti-Sars mAb pair 10mg $.00
IDXAbD195-100 Murine anti-Sars mAb pair 100mg $.00
IDXAbD195-50 Murine anti-Sars mAb pair 50mg $.00
IDXAbD210-10 Murine Anti-Human IgG mAb 10mg $.00
IDXAbD210-100 Murine Anti-Human IgG mAb 100mg $.00
IDXAbD210-50 Murine Anti-Human IgG mAb 50mg $.00
IDXAbD211-10 Murine Anti-Human IgM mAb 10mg $.00
IDXAbD211-100 Murine Anti-Human IgM mAb 100mg $.00
IDXAbD211-50 Murine Anti-Human IgM mAb 50mg $.00
IDXAbD212-10 Murine Anti-Human IgA mAb 10mg $.00
IDXAbD212-100 Murine Anti-Human IgA mAb 100mg $.00
IDXAbD212-50 Murine Anti-Human IgA mAb 50mg $.00
IDXAbD213-10 Murine Anti-Human IgE mAb 10mg $.00
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