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SP: Solid Phase proteins are proteins covalently coupled to Sepharose Beads. r=Recombinant h=Human

Immobilized monoclonal antibody mAb

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
1107-SP Immobilized murine anti-vif mAb 1mg $1,995.00
1108-SP Immobilized murine anti-nef mAb 1mg $1,995.00
1121-SP Immobilized murine anti-gp120/160 Monoclonal Antibody (mAb, Cross Reactive) 1mg $1,995.00
71011-SP Immobilized murine anti-rhHer2 mAb 1mg $1,995.00
71030-SP Immobilized murine anti-rhP53 mAb 1mg $1,995.00
7105-SP Immobilized murine anti-rhCEM15 mAb 1mg $1,995.00
7109-SP Immobilized murine anti-rhNFkB mAb 1mg $1,995.00
71090-SP Immobilized m anti-rhRNase H1 mAb 1mg $1,995.00
8104-SP Immobilized murine anti-CD4 mAb 1mg $1,995.00

Recombinant Human Proteins

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
7001-SP Immobilized rhCD4 (Baculo) 0.5mg $3,950.00
70011-SP Immobilized rhHer2 (Euk) 0.5mg $3,950.00
70030-SP Immobilized rhP53 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
7005-SP Immobilized rhCEM15 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
7007-SP Immobilized rhTrim5Alhpa (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
7009-SP Immobilized rhNFkB (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
70090-SP Immobilized rhRNase H1 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00

Recombinant Proteins

Item# Description Unit Of Measure Price  
1001-SP Immobilized rgp120 HIV-1 IIIB (Euk) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1002-SP Immobilized rtat HIV-1 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1004-SP Immobilized rgp160 HIV-1 HXB2 (Euk) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1007-SP Immobilized rvif HIV-1 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1008-SP Immobilized rnef HIV-1 (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1021-SP Immobilized rgp120 HIV-1 MN (Euk) 0.5mg $3,950.00
1091-SP Immobilized rgp41 HIV-1 MN (E.coli) 0.5mg $3,950.00
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